Wasps may look like bees, but they are different and the approach to getting rid of them. These insects find nesting spots on a home exterior, gutters, soffits, and eaves. They are also attracted by food so sticky liquids and food crumbs may bring them near your home where they can find nesting spots. Another major factor that could attract these winged insects to your property is if your home already has an insect infestation. Since they prey on other insects, your home offers the perfect spot of a hunting ground, which in turn lead to them creating nests all over your home.

Like bees, wasps can be violent when disturbed or threatened, in which case they sting. The pain of such sting is usually mild unless you have an allergic reaction to wasp venom, but it is always better to avoid getting stung. A wasp infestation in or near your home can make it difficult to do regular tasks around the house or in the yard as there is a threat of an angry wasp feeling disturbed hanging on your head. The best thing to do is eliminate such risk, and for that, you will need our services.

Pest control services for wasp is a thorough service which focuses not only on eliminating the risk, but also preventing future threats. This means Identifying the nests, determining how aggressive that particular specie is, full inspection to know the most effective control plan, and eventually getting rid of them. Beyond getting rid of wasps, we educate you on ways to prevent a reoccurrence such as by proper sanitation of your environment and reducing the factors that attract the wasp to your home or surrounding.

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