Termite treatment

Regular inspection of your home help quickly detect termites, and this is essential. Termites destroy the home and reduce the value by over 25%. Finding the right pest control professional to exterminate the termites and restore your home is essential. At GAIPMS, we provide termite treatment services tailored to your home specific needs.

On discovering you have a termites’ infestation, it may seem like a good idea to resort to DIY control measures such as sprays and baits since pest control professionals also use this service. However, it is not always a good idea and might be even ineffective because homeowners don’t have the proper skills and training necessary for proper termite control. Improper application of the pesticides for treating termites can be very hazardous for human and pets without yielding the desired result. That’s why you should let us handle the treatment for you.

Available Termite Treatments

There are various treatment methods for dealing with termites, and the one we use for your termite problem will depend on what we think work best in your situation. They include:

Termite monitoring and baiting: This technique focuses on proper detection and using a treatment that exploits the termite’s instinct. It is a non-intrusive control method that ensures that we effectively the termites in your home or office without inconveniencing you. By placing termites bait stations around your property to draw the termites out and once a termite eats the bait, it because poisonous and as it shares it with other termites in the colony, the population dies gradually till it gets to the point that the colony collapse because it can no longer support itself. This treatment method has a lot of benefits which include:

  • It is unobtrusive and will not change anything in your home or property since the baits are stationed in discrete and strategic locations
  • It comes with constant monitoring and routine check until the termite problem is eventually overcome
  • It does not disrupt anything in your home as no drilling is required

Conventional treatment

This treatment method focuses on using liquid termiticide to eradicate the termite’s population. It is tested, and trusted treatment method that can be carried out independently or as part of a treatment plan, and all that is required is the drilling of certain strategic spots in your home so that the termiticide can be applied under slabs and in the hollow voids in the walls.

This treatment method has certain advantages which include:

  • It is unobtrusive since most of the application and treatment is done from the outside of your home or building.
  • It is also an eco-friendly way of dealing with termites as it requires less energy.
  • It is suitable for all types of building, both commercial and residential.

Chemical Treatment: This uses liquid chemicals that are applied to the soil, under the concrete flooring, or around the foundation of the building. It is an effective way to protect your home against termites, and once applied, it lasts for about ten years.