These insects are generally harmless and only constitute a nuisance in the home, but this does not mean it is safe to have them in your home. Some species such as the brown recluse and black widow are venomous. Apart from that, spiders generally cause dirt around the house with their cobwebs and the dead insects caught in such webs. With over ten thousand species of spiders all over the world, you can find multiple species of spider in your home. An infestation means a dirtier environment whether on the outdoor or indoor, largely due to the cobwebs which you have to be clearing every time if you want to make your home appear presentable.

There are various ways through which spiders can make their way into your home. They can come in through wall cracks, loose screens, door cracks, windows, etc. The presence of other insects such as moth, ants, and other insects in your home can also attract these insects when they are in search of food and mate. There is a high chance that you introduced spiders into your home, unwittingly, by bringing infested objects into the house. Once inside, they look for moist, warm, or dark spots in your home where they breed and multiply.

Of all pests, this is probably the most harmless, which is why most people ignore them at first until they turn into a cleanliness and hygiene problem. At Gail and Irene Pest Management Services, our pest management professionals are trained in controlling all types of pests, spider inclusive. Each infestation is treated as a unique case based on the degree and the home. So, we design different approaches for handling these insects and ensuring that your home is free from cobwebs forever.

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