Rodents are one of the most common types of pests in the world. These warm-blooded mammals of various species and can cause significant damages within the home. Common types of rodents include the house mice, deer mice, roof rats, cotton rats, and Norway rats. Once they make their way into your home, it is essential that you start acting immediately because these pests can be very destructive and constitute a significant health concern.

Apart from the fact that they are difficult to control, they also carry various diseases and contaminate food with their saliva, fur, and waste products. In the process of eating food, they contaminate it with multiple diseases such as hantavirus, Lassa virus, etc. they are also hosts for fleas which are a major home pest on their own. This is why rodents are responsible for different disease outbreaks in the centuries before as well as in recent years.

With their sharp teeth, they cut into wires, clothes, bags, and other accessories and appliances, damaging everything in the process. They also attack humans as some rodents have been known to bite human victims. With all these risks attached to rodents, you will understand why they rank high in the list of vermin that must be gotten rid of as soon as you discover them.

Dealing with these pests and controlling them will usually require a professional approach because they are quick breeders and give birth to many offspring at once. This means that killing one rodent with a trap may not solve your problem as there is a high likelihood that there are others. This is why our rodent control approach focuses on complete extermination and preventing a reoccurrence by blocking all their access points.

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