Owning a farm is a serious business, no matter how big or small the farm is. There are just so many things to do to ensure that your farm is in great shape. While cultivating crops and watching then grow may be quiet simple and fun for a garden in your backyard, once you go into commercial farming, you realise that it is not a simple work at all. There are just so many things to keep your eyes on to ensure that everything turns out right. Unlike a backyard garden where any mistake can be an opportunity to learn, with a farm, mistakes are meant to be avoided by all means because they could be very costly. If you own a farm or thinking of starting one, there are various maintenance services you should prepare to ensure profitable yield when the harvest season comes. These includes

  • Pest Control: Pests include insects, birds, and all types of animals that prey on your crops at different stages of their growth. They may attack the roots, stems, leaves, and even the fruits. Pests constitute a significant challenge to your farm productivity which means they have to be dealt with as soon they are noticed. Dealing with them, however, is a multidimensional approach where the approach you use at a point will depend on what is most suitable for your crops and the soil. The approaches include:
  • Cultural Practices: This approach is focused on using strategies that make the crops or the farm unacceptable or unaccommodating for pests. This is achieved through various means such as mixed cropping, crop isolation, and crop rotation. You can also time the planting such in such a way that by the time pests start making any effort on the plant; it has already grown to a stage where it can be tolerant to any attack on it. You can also go the extra mile by planting nursery crops which will divert the pests from the actual crops.
  • Mechanical Control: Another way to control pests on the farm is by the proper clearing of the farm. Proper tillage, cutting, mowing, and physical barriers can go a long way to prevent pest’s infestation. For pests such as rodents, physical barriers can be effective in keeping them out and by ensuring that your farm borders are properly kept, they can be further discouraged for coming into your farm. The benefits of physical and mechanical approach on your farm are that not only would it deal with pests; it will also deal with weeds that constitute a major nuisance on the farm.
  • Biological Control: Another way of dealing with pests is by letting other biological organisms that are natural predators for the pests deal with them. These predatory insects, pathogens and parasitoids can be of great help to a farmer when it comes to pest control. They will help to keep the level of the pest at a minimum and ensure your crops are not affected in the process. Since they are already natural enemies of the pests, their focus is solely on those pests, and most of them are not herbivorous, so your crops are safe. Where the natural enemies of the pests do not occur naturally in a location or are in low supply, the farmer can always activate the process by releasing the natural enemies on the farm so they can start the process or supplement the natural population. However, when relying on biological approach to control pests, it is good to achieve a balance where the natural predators of the pests do not occur in such numbers that after destroying all of the pest population, they become a problem on their own.
  • Chemical Control: This approach uses pesticides to deal with pests. Pesticides could be naturally occurring or synthetic chemicals that can kill, repel, or control pests in any other way. At Gail and Irene Pest Management Services, we specialise in employing the best industry practices to help you deal with pests on your farm. We use naturally occurring chemicals such as rotenone and pyrethrin and synthetic chemicals such as hydrated lime, fixed coppers, lime sulphur, hydrogen peroxide, potassium bicarbonate, etc. to help you deal effectively with pests on your farm. We ensure that toxic synthetic pesticides are not used as these can lead to a disruption in the natural process, affect the naturally occurring predators, and lead to the emergence of secondary pests. We design the best pesticide application for your farm and ensure proper implementation. The approach we use is designed with an understanding of plant and pest biology, the interaction between pests and crops, and in line with the rules and regulations on the agricultural application of those pesticides. By following this thorough and meticulous process, we ensure that your farm productivity is secured.

Another farm maintenance task is the maintenance of farm equipment. Whether they are just implements or machinery, it is essential that they are properly maintained to ensure their durability and efficiency. Farm equipment and implements are very important when commercial farming is concerned, and for you to achieve productivity, you must use the right equipment. However, acquiring this equipment can be difficult or even impossible since they don’t come cheap. Finding the financing for any equipment you want might seem impossible, but that’s only because you have not tried us. At Gail and Irene Pest Management Services, we help our clients to find the right lenders that will finance their equipment purchase so they can improve their commercial farm or even expand it. Our lenders offer different financing options, and their financing comes with very competitive terms. Looking for unsecured financing with low interests and repayment rates, flexible repayment structure that could last for as long as three years? You can count on us to get it for you with ease, and you don’t even have to worry about having a poor credit score because all our partners care about is your ability to repay the loan.

There are also other tasks you have to do as part of farm maintenance; this includes regular weeding.