Termite Inspections

Termites can be very destructive with the potential to cause massive damage to your property if not detected on time and properly dealt with. The only way to detect termites is a thorough inspection of your property. At GAIMPS, our inspection process doesn’t just check for termites; it all assess the condition of your home to determine how susceptible it is to a termite attack. Most homes are sensitive to this attack, and the homeowners don’t even know it. Through our comprehensive termite inspection, you achieve the best protection and treatment against termites – prevention, and where termite activities are discovered, we treat it immediately to prevent long term damage to your property.

Our team includes termite control experts who use a combination of professional expertise and experience to inspect your home for termites in a comprehensive manner. The benefits of our inspection process include:

Application of local knowledge: Our experts are familiar with your environment and its unique conditions, which in some ways, influence the termites’ lifestyle. We use this knowledge during the inspection, and it helps us to handle the inspection in a more efficient manner.

Standard Equipment and Best Practices: Our excellent inspection process is not just due to the use of local knowledge but the application of the latest technologies and best practices in the detection of termites on properties. We ensure that we incorporate the best technologies into our inspection so that everything can be done in a fast and efficient manner. Coupled with this is the constant training of our staff to ensure they are familiar with the latest practices are equipped for any challenge they may encounter in the process of inspecting your home or building for termites.

Comprehensive Report: A comprehensive report follows every thorough inspection. We don’t just tell our clients that they have or do not have termites, we prepare any detailed report highlighting all the high-risk areas and what needs to be done on time to prevent termites. This way, our report gives the client the chance to do something to avoid termites’ infestation if it has not happened.

Affordable: Despite all the value attached to our inspection, it comes at an affordable price. Termite inspections on your commercial or residential buildings are conducted free of charge except when it is real estate purchase that we are inspecting. For your buildings, we only charge if termites are discovered in which case pest control becomes a necessity or if you want preventative treatment for your home.

Our inspection process is a very detailed process which helps to detect termites if they are anywhere on your property. It starts with a discussion between you and our inspectors on your peculiar needs and demands. Here, you will get to know what is involved and what you are expected to do. The inspection examines every nook and cranny of your property, and depending on the size of your home; it can take an hour or more. After the inspection, you get a report with a detailed analysis of what was found and recommendations.