GAIPMS offer pest management services specifically designed for businesses and commercial facilities such as restaurants, warehouses, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, etc. These services are tailored to the needs of businesses and commercial buildings to help them protect their facilities, resources, and customers from all types of pests. In a residential building, pest infestation means significant discomfort to homeowners. In commercial establishments, it means damage to the brand, loss of important resources, and loss of customers if not properly managed; this is why ensure that the solution we develop for dealing with pests in your commercial establishment is a holistic one that prevents recurrence of pest problems. We use an integrated pest management system which focuses on identifying the pest problem, assessing the impact of the problem so that the proper solution can be created, implementing the solution, and monitoring to see how effective such solution was. We use a well-detailed approach to root out pest infestation within your building and ensuring that the habitat is not conducive for pests again.

Our commercial pest management services include:

  • Bed bug control for businesses, especially those in the hospitality business where these pests are prevalent. We understand how stubborn these bugs can be, so we focus more on prevention, but we can help with extermination too.
  • Flies control to prevent and remove these unhygienic and hazardous insects from infesting your building transferring germs from one place to another.
  • Rodent control to keep these gnawing and destructive creatures by preventing them from getting into your building, or when they are already in, getting them out as soon as possible.
  • Bird control to prevent the health risks and damage to your property that is associated with bird infestation.
  • Mosquito control to keep this annoying malaria-carrying organism away from your building.

Beyond pest control services, we also provide more general services that seek to keep your commercial building in such shape and state that pests will be totally prevented from the place. This includes

Odour Control: Since smell is one of the things that attract pests, especially flies, we seek to prevent them by using special technology to control the odour and break it down at a molecular level thus ensuring that your building is smelling good all the time.

Pest-Proofing services: thinking of a way to prevent pests from your building totally? It can be achieved by putting barriers in access point such as windows, doors, vents, plumbing, etc. By doing this, pests will no longer have free access to your property.

Training: We organise training on pest prevention and control for your employees so they can manage your commercial establishment in such a way that they don’t encourage pest infestation unwittingly.

Our commercial pest management services are performed with best industry practices in mind. Our team are trained experts with years of experience helping different commercial establishment to deal with a pest infestation or prevent at one time or the other.

You can contact us to make further enquiries about this service.