Bees might be very fantastic and productive creatures capable of supplying you with wax and honey, but all that adoration you have for bees will disappear once you actually experience an infestation. Bees can make their way into your home for just one reason; they are looking for a place to nest. With a preference for dark and protected areas, if you have chimneys or wall voids in your home, don’t be surprised if you find bees coming there. One such place is exposed to the outside; there is a risk that bees may turn it into their homes. Some species of bees even nest inside the living space of your home if there is a void such as cracks, electrical outlets, etc.

Having bees in your home is a serious pest issue because while they offer many benefits to the environment, they will only offer you inconvenience with their noise and pain through their stings once they feel any disturbance to their nest. Although the stings are not fatal, there are those who have allergic reactions to such stings. Apart from that, they will create honey over time, and this will also attract other insects to your home, as well as damage and stain your building structure. Considering all this, you will understand that bees must be gotten rid of.

Dealing with bees is not something you can do yourself, but we are here to help you make your home safe again. At Gail and Irene Pest Management Services, we deal with bees’ infestation by first identifying the species living near or inside your home. After we have done this, we let you know the available methods of getting rid of the bees, and once we have settled for a method, we start working remove the entire hive.