Gail and Irene Pest Management services is a pest control company that provides different pest management services for commercial and residential buildings. We offer an effective solution to all kinds of pests, such as ants, bees, rodents, fleas, spiders, termites, silverfish, wasps, and cockroaches. With many years helping businesses and homeowners deal with a pest infestation, we are experienced in various techniques that can be used to deal with different pests in buildings and on farms. Our fumigation service is effective and efficient and designed to improve the quality of life in offices and homes. A pest-free home is one less problem for the homeowner, and not only does it guarantee peace of mind, but it is also safer and healthier. Pests contaminate edible, spread diseases, damage appliances and electrical connections, and bite humans. With all these effects, it is only right that they are dealt with immediately you notice their presence.

On noticing a pest in your home, you may be tempted to set a trap and kill it thinking that is the only one. But the truth is that by the time you notice a pest in your home, there is a likelihood they are more than one. So setting a trap and killing that one may not be enough. The better option is to call a pest control and management company to inspect your apartment or office and properly treat it so we can prevent future infestation.

Why Choose Us

Our pest management services use unique approaches to achieve effective and long term results. If you are looking for a professional pest control company, we offer a service you can trust.
Our services stand out for many reasons; these include: