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We provide pest management services for homes, farms, and commercial establishment.

With Years of Operational Experience

Gail and Irene Pest Management Services is a licensed pest control company based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide pest management services for homes, farms, and commercial establishment. With years of operational experience helping businesses and family deal with a pest infestation, we have become experts in using the most efficient and safe techniques to eradicate all kinds of pests from buildings and farm establishments. We use state of the art equipment and effective chemicals that are harmless to humans to get rid of all vermin within your home and ensure nothing compromises your health and hygiene. Our team is made up of trained fumigators and exterminators who will do everything to ensure you have a pest-free environment.

What We Do

At Gail and Irene Pest Management Services, we provide all kinds of services to help you deal with a pest infestation in your residential and commercial buildings as well as on farms. Anyone who has ever had a pest experience knows how bad it can be. They make buildings uninhabitable, spoil appliances, and contaminate food and water. Some are even harmful to humans as they can bite or attack. Thus, dealing with them is essential for your safety, health and peace of mind. We help you to handle these issues promptly so you can have your building to yourself once again. Our services are multidimensional and cover different areas where there is a likelihood of pest infestation. They also cover a wide variety of pests and vermin that can make homes uninhabitable.

Our services include:

Farm Equipment Finance

Are you just thinking of starting a farm or you already have a farm, and you are in need of implements to make your work easier? Finding the funding to buy farm tools might be difficult, but we can simplify the process for you. We help our clients find the right lender that will give them the loans they need to buy farm equipment such as tractors, ploughs, and other tools necessary for efficient and productive farming.